Sunday, September 14, 2014

Prep time

Some Fall and Halloween prep around the Scott pictures.

Painted some spooky trees using watered down black paint, a straw, and breath!

Spray painted some branches black
Took a walk around the stores and looked at all of the awesome Halloween decor.
Got out some of my Halloween decorations because I couldn't wait any longer!

                      Put Ms. Watkins on the door and admired her life-like oh. Surely not.

                 Cut mice out of black construction paper and taped to stairs. This looks so real in candlelight.

This is as far as I got today. I was hoping the hubby wouldn't notice that I had decorated just an eentsy bit but he did. Must have been the gargantuan tarantula climbing the stairs. I am doing quadruple Halloween decorating duty this year. I have the house, the library Halloween Carn-evil, the annual Bonfire and maybe (fingers crossed) another little shindig in the works ;)
I think a little head start to the season is called for!