Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Welcome to my little corner of existence. My name is Trisha.
Some people call me Chee.
I have decided to start this blogging venture for a few reasons.
Reason #1 - I need to write. I could not write and the world will keep on turning. But I NEED to write. Writing helps me understand who I am and who you are and why we do the things we do. It helps me relate and feel and be. Blogging = Writing. Nuf said.
Reason #2 - I am a creative individual in a rural area. My outlets for creativity are very limited and an audience to share creative pursuits with is arguably non-existent. You can only brag about your one of a kind necklace made from pantyhose and gumballs so many times before your kids quit coming home. So now (hopefully) you are my audience. I will captivate you. I promise.
Reason #3 - I LOVE LOVE LOVE thrift shops. Like when I heard that Goodwill was raising their prices once again and adopting a barcode (think Wal-mart) system of check out, I got out my Sharpies and made signs that read "I am gonna burn this mother down" and "Where is the Good in Goodwill?" I am still looking for people to protest with me. Any takers? Good news for the independent thrift stores though! I will be frequenting your establishment even more now. Aren't you LUCKY?

I am excited about blogging! I hope you find something useful or funny or creative here at ChickenPete. Thank you for taking a moment to read.
What's that? Oh. What is ChickenPete, you ask?

When my youngest daughter was two, she would block you from entering a room until you guessed her secret word.
"Apple?"   "No."
"Supercalifrag...fuggehit?"   "No."
"Move?"  "No."
"Please?"  "No."
Twenty minutes later......
"Poop?" Giggle.  "No."
"What is it honey? Momma really needs to get the burning pizza from the oven. Please just tell me and I will give you a cookie."
"Chickenpete? Huh? What's that?"
Okay then.
To this day, that is her secret word and I have absolutely no idea what it means. Has a nice ring to it though :)

Welcome to ChickenPete.