Sunday, June 23, 2013

Taking the Leap

I am on countdown. A month ago, I put in my resignation as the Assistant Director of Library Services. The reasons for doing so were numerous, including an hour commute and lack of family time, but some of my reasoning stemmed from feeling. The feeling that I was being sucked into a routine of dull, a life of blahness.  I was too tired to pursue all of those things that make life worth living to me. Creativity? Gone. Energy? Gone. It was the same wake, work, eat, sleep every. single. day. Millions of people are okay with this lifestyle (or maybe they are not but they are too scared to change it) but I am not. I want to be fearless and that meant taking a deep breath and resigning. I am losing my salary and family health insurance. I may have irrevocably hurt my career. I am losing camaraderie with amazing colleagues. And I am okay with that. Because I am gaining freedom. I am seeking out creativity. I am finding myself. No amount of money can compensate for that. Am I scared? Do I wonder at least three times a day if I have made the right decision?
Absolutely. That's why I read this article (and others like it) when I start to feel a bit worried and then I know   my family and I will be fine.