Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Creepy Terrarium

This is a simple creepy terrarium project using empty pickle, jelly, or mason jars.
You will need:
Jars with lids
Objects (you could go crazy here....bugs, crows, skeletons, body parts, etc)
Hot glue gun

Start by gluing a twig onto the lid of a jar so that it stands straight up. Make sure the twig fits inside the jar before doing this though :)

Hot glue your objects to the twig.
A variation on this is to paint the twig and objects white or black for a monochromatic look but I liked mine looking more natural.
Hot glue green floral moss around the base of the twig. You can find floral moss in the craft department of most stores.

Carefully place the jar upside down over the lid and screw it on.