Sunday, October 13, 2013

Re-claimed, Re-loved, Re-used

1. Creepy, Naked Man from an Antique Store in Quincy, IL.
2. Cornucopia for 1.00 at yard sale
3. Retro Halloween Cards - not vintage but still cute and I don't feel bad using these up - .25

My two compadres and I went to Spoonriver Drive last weekend. I think the only thing we bought from the actual booths was fudge and lunch. The real deals were at the yard sales found throughout the towns and back roads. My tactic next year will be to focus on them a bit more than the actual commercial stands.

I will not be posting Re-claimed, Re-loved, and Re-used as much this winter as I do in the Spring/Summer months but here and there I may highlight a deal I found in some shop. If any of you find something you are wanting to shout to the world, let me know and we can do a guest post!! Everyone loves bragging about a good deal!!