Monday, January 6, 2014

Too cold to do anything but organize....

We have about 20 cans of half-used paint in our basement threshold. Every time I open the door, I vow to do something about all those cans. Finally, I have.

Simply gather all of your paint cans, some mason jars in various sizes, a funnel (mine is homemade), and some labels.

Use funnel to get paint into jars mess free.

Isn't this beautiful!

Label jars with name of paint. You may also want to put the brand name of the paint so you can get more if needed. 

Hope everyone is keeping their sanity on these frigid days. I am not gonna lie, mine is questionable. BUT I am grateful and blessed to have a warm place to stay with cabinets full of food and people to share my blanket-laden couch with :)