Monday, January 27, 2014

Old book necklace tutorial

Have you ever looked at something and thought that it was super cool and unique and just downright Fab? Even as you were thinking this, somewhere in the crevasses of your subconscious you  also knew it was not something you would ever wear? Well, I should have listened to the voice in my head because while I like the idea of this project, I do not like it enough to wear it. Have you ever felt that way about things?

List of things you will need:

40" of chain
Jump rings
Lobster clasp
2 pages from an old book
Mod Podge
Needle nose pliers (optional)
Stain (optional)

Step 1. Cut one 15" length of chain and one 18" length of chain.

Step 2. Attach both ends of each chain to jump ring.

Step 3 - Glue the old book pages to a piece of posterboard

Step 4 - Trace a quarter seven times onto the old book paper. Cut out.

Step 5 - Apply wood stain. This is optional. You could leave them how they are but I was going for an aged look. 

Step 6 - Apply varnish or Mod Podge to cut out circles and let dry. 

Step 7 - Using a nail, hammer a hole into the top of each circle.

Step 8 - Attach each cut out to a jump ring and attach to necklace. Use needle nose pliers to re-align jump rings. If you do not know how to open a jump ring correctly, check out this link first - Proper Technique

You now have a finished necklace.
Hopefully, it is one you plan on wearing!