Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Emerson running outside as soon as she awakes, sitting in her bulldog pajamas surrounded by puppies that lick her face and nip her fingers.

Paytan opening up her Senior Box and reading the letter I wrote her that asks her to be patient with me this year if I hold on a little longer and seem to be ever present. She walks over and without a word gives me a long hug.

Kerrigan repeatedly calling her advisor at school her administrator because she keeps forgetting the correct title.

Jake and I sitting in front of our newly built firepit and talking about what the day held. He places his hand on my leg.

Playing tag in the dark with Emerson, her giggles escalating until she collapses from laughing.

Watching Jake shred zucchini for me because I had already done 4 behemoths and my arm was tired.

Burning the potatoes for dinner and Paytan biting into a piece hard as a rock.

Running out to the garden to grab some more tomatoes because I needed 15 pounds to make homemade sauce. Grabbing a handful of basil while I am there.

Taking Emerson for a walk, her demanding to ride in the stroller because her doll would get to tired if they walked.

Paytan and Kerrigan pulling out of the driveway on their way to school. Paytan flips me off as her idea of a friendly goodbye. My jaw drops. They are dying laughing.

All of this and more happened in one short day. I am making the effort to hold on to moments, whether they may seem mundane, frustrating, or inspiring.

There is something beautiful in each.

What are some of the moments that made up your day?