Monday, August 26, 2013

Paper Pencil Bookmarks

Emerson and I were looking for something to keep us occupied until dinner the other night so we decided to make some paper pencil bookmarks. The instructions turned out to be a bit hard for a 4 year old so I made them and she decorated. Win-Win.

1. Start with a 3-by 6-inch piece of paper. It helps if one side is white and the other side is patterned or a different color, but it is not a necessity.

2. Fold the paper in half length-wise and crease. 

3. Open the paper. Fold back one end approximately 1/2 inch, as shown.

4. Turn the paper over and bend back the corners at the folded end.

5. Bend back the folded edges again so they line up at the center crease as shown.

6. Turn the paper over and fold up the flat end so that it rests about 3/4 inch from the pointed end. 

7. Turn the paper over and fold both sides of the pencil in. Use a small piece of tape to secure. 

8. Voila! A pencil bookmark.

9. This is another pencil we did :)