Sunday, August 11, 2013

Re-claimed, Re-used, Re-loved Sundays

I can remember coming across hundreds of small saucers and plates (like the one posted below) in years past. Now, it is hard to find any at all and when you do they are usually priced higher than what I am willing to pay. I wanted to buy around 250 mismatched pieces to use at my wedding last year but quickly found that it would take way too much time to amass. The idea has not left me though and so when I do run across a plate here or there, I plan on picking it up. I purchased this beauty for one quarter. What am I going to do with them? I have ideas, I tell you. 

The doilies were in a big gallon bag for 75 cents. I plan on starching them to make a banner. 

I bought the blue wicker lunchbox purse at Goodwill for $4.00. Love it!!