Thursday, July 25, 2013

Do I get an A for effort??

I recently came across an article titled “50 Things that you should Know How to Do”. I missed knowing all 50 by a narrow (it’s my story!) margin. Mine are highlighted in yellow. How about you? How many do you know how to do? 

      Build a fire – Can I use a match?
      Operate a computer 
    Use Google effectively Pretty good at this one since I use it in my field Every. Single. Day.
     Perform CPR and the Heimlich maneuver – Once upon a time I knew how to do this but I never had it put into practice.
      Drive a stick shift
       Basic Cooking
    Tell a story that captivates people’s attention – Well, I sure hope so otherwise this whole writing fiction thing is pointless.
      Win or avoid a fistfight – Run.
       Deliver bad news – not so good at this. I either just blurt it out with no warning or avoid telling it altogether.
   Change a tire – I think I may be the only female in America who does not know how to do this. Go ahead - rub it in She-ra.
  Handle a job interview
   Manage time Pretty good at this one.
   Speed Read
  Remember names I use a mnemonic device. Holly has hairy hands.
   Travel light
   Handle the police – I am easily intimidated by a uniform, so this would be a no.
  Give driving directions – I am ashamed to admit that I do not know North, South, East, and West. So I can tell you forward, backward, left or right but beyond that…..
  Perform basic first aid
   Parallel Park – with minor fender damage, yes.
   Recognize personal alcohol limits - I have practiced this one.
   Select good produce
    Handle a hammer -I put up my own pictures people.
  Make a simple budget 
  Speak two common languages – does pig latin count?
   Do push-ups and sit-ups properly –  only if I can do the push-up on my knees.
  Give a compliment
  Negotiate – Does negotiate mean to try and get others to see things your way??
   Listen carefully to others – Working on this one.
 Recite basic geography – What is geography?
    Paint a room – Oh Lord no.
   Make a short, informative public speech
 Smile for the camera
   Flirt without looking ridiculous – HAHAHA! How you doin?
   Take useful notes - Queen of note-taking!
    Be a respectful house guest
   Make a good first impression
  Navigate with a map and compass – Map yes. Compass, see # 18.
   Sew a button
  Hook up a home theater system – Um. No.
   Protect personal identity – I don’t give out my SS # but I am sure there is more I could be doing.
  Implement basic computer security – I have a brother –in – law who does this for me.
   Detect a lie
  End a date politely – Date? What’s a date?
   Remove a stain -Yeah, cut it out.
  Keep a clean a house Once upon a time, I was good at this. Perhaps I shall be again.
  Hold a baby
  Jumpstart a car – “Jake, my car won’t start!! Come get me!!”

P.S. - It has been near impossible to get decent wardrobe pictures from Paytan and Kerrigan this past month so we will postpone (again!) until next week.