Friday, July 5, 2013

Transitions Pt. 1

I have been on vacation from work the past two weeks. This has allowed me a bit of insight into what daily life may be like once my time is up at JW.

Suffice it to say, I have issues.

My husband is already second guessing his desire for me to stay home. I just don’t understand why he cannot line up his shoes properly in the closet and is it that much to ask for him to wipe down the shower when he is finished ;) 

Seriously though, this is reminiscent of how I used to be. I learned to let go once I started working because there was no way I could keep up with the house and a full time job and the kids. Now that my domestic diva is back in full force, I am a bit too anxious to start changing things up again. I didn’t realize that it was going to be such a cause of concern but after mopping the floors for the third time this week, my manly man took me aside and said, “We need to talk. You cannot do this. If you proceed, I will be forced to sleep in my kennel with the coon dogs.” I thought about it for a moment….I’m not gonna lie. 

So I have to scale back. This need to clean is a need to feel necessary. To have something that shows results of hard work and if I will not be filling this need in libraryland for a time, then I need another outlet. Housecleaning need not apply.  I am going to create a weekly agenda that puts other important things, like writing and spending time with my daughters at the forefront. And after some time, I am sure we will have a system that includes keeping the house orderly.  I find pleasure and peace in a tidy home so I do not want to exclude it. I just have to make sure that I don’t drive my family insane in my quest for tidiness.  

 I have three weeks left. I am starting to get nervous. After I have done all those projects that have set by the wayside , like organizing my pictures and painting the “office”, will I long for my job back? I need to remind myself that this is not permanent.  Everything is possible. Enjoy where I am at this moment.  This is where I am supposed to be.

 Have a great weekend!!