Sunday, July 28, 2013

Re-claimed, Re-loved, Re-used Sundays

I had a couple of tag-alongs this past Friday. It is not often that I get Paytan and Kerrigan to take off with me on my treasure hunting but sometimes (when the moon is full and cats walk backwards) they accept my invitation. One of the downfalls of yard-saling on a Friday is that while there may be 30 listed, half of those will be in the morning and half will be in late afternoon. I may be a junkie but I am not waiting all day to hit a yard sale, so I have to choose. This particular Friday, I must have picked the wrong time frame because we didn't find much. I am completely okay with that though. Makes the (flashing neon lights) DEAL (flashing neon lights) all the better when you find it.

1. Half apron in the cutest red and white print.
2. Box of vintage Christmas Cards.
3. Vintage wrapping paper. Who will be the lucky recipient of this??

Now that I am finished at John Wood, I am going to make Mondays my flea market/Goodwill day. This could be good :)