Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We took at least 20 pics the other day modeling these dresses and these are the only two that were deemed post worthy. I am grateful for the years my current camera has given me but I am excited to upgrade to a DSLR soon. Tons to learn on the photography front!

Forever 21 Dress
INC dress (Goodwill)

I have a friend visiting from Chicago and today we went to downtown Quincy, parked the car, and visited all the antique and thrift shops. Who knew there were that many goodies on one street? We also checked out the Homestyle Foods store ran by the Amish in Kellerville where you can buy a bag of flax seeds for $2.30. Tonight we celebrate Mr. Chaney's 10th birthday with hamburgers on the grill and a homemade chocolate cake. Life is good.