Saturday, September 21, 2013

30 day dress challenge - Week 3

Day 15 - Love this dress. Felt casual but put together.

Day 16 - I didn't like this dress as much as the first time I wore it. Few pounds gained, perhaps?

Day 17 - Favorite outfit of the week! Black is my comfort color. I debated on wearing the boots because I had a board meeting that evening but I decided to go for it. 

Day 18 - I DID NOT want to wear a dress today. So, I threw it on and did nothing else with myself. 

Day 19 - I actually had tights on with this dress but I forgot to take a picture early in the day. Cute, but a bit short for my taste. 

Day 20 - I had to break the iron out on this one. 

Day 21- I am running out of dresses. This is one of Kerrigan's and not my style but hey, I am trying to do a challenge here!

One more week to go. I may have to sew some towels together or wear a really fancy one-shoulder rhinestone number to work. Guess I could use this as an excuse to hit Goodwill? As if I haven't already.......