Saturday, September 28, 2013

30 Day Dress Challenge.....Week 4

I have three days of the challenge left and that makes me happy. I still love dresses but I am sick of wearing them. It is so much easier to throw on a pair of pants and top. A dress seems to demand (at the minimum) a swipe of lip gloss and presentable hair. I don't wear pajama bottoms and slipper boots to the store (nor will I ever) but there is something to be said about a casual go-to outfit for our busy lives. That being said, I feel 500 times better when I am put together. I do not find the same confidence in pants as I do in a dress. I will save the rest of my comments for the final post in a couple of days. And then we can turn our attention to the wonderful month of October. I have a ton of cool crafts, ideas, and recipes lined up for next month!

Day 22 - Wearing this dress around the house made it a super weird day.

Day 23 

Day 24 - I wore a blazer over this for work.

Day 25

Day 26 - One of my faves!

Day 27 
Stay tuned for the last three days!!