Thursday, September 19, 2013

Silhouette Project

I have had this little project in my to-do file for some time. I thought I would save it for a quickie craft, a way to waste a small amount of time. Boy, was I wrong. This thing proved frustrating in a variety of ways, namely a four year old who would not look straight ahead for longer than 2 seconds. I almost grabbed Kerrigan out of her sickbed to sit in for Emerson but I figured I would not be able to stand her flu-breath for long. So, I persevered and all in all the end result was passable. Is there a striking resemblance? Does she look a bit like the love child of Will Smith and a Klingon? Maybe. I am tellin you, it was a wee bit hard to do. However, do not let that spoil all the glorious fun you will have doing this project!!

1. Grab a large sheet of white paper. I used two scrapbook size pieces of paper taped together to begin with but after my fourth failed attempt, I grabbed regular notebook paper and taped two pieces of it together.

2. Find a place in your home that is dimly lit where you can either place a lamp to project a nice shadow or use the bit of natural light that may come through. I did the latter.

3. Sit wiggly child on a chair and position her just so. Repeat 100 times. Try to trace the outline of her head and face onto paper.

4. Take humorous picture of one of your failed silhouettes.

5. Cut the silhouette out of the white paper.

6. Place cut out silhouette on a black piece of paper and trace very lightly around the shape. Cut silhouette out of the black piece of paper.

7. Glue silhouette to a pretty piece of patterned paper. Voila!

Em says "This isn't me." And I said "Um, it's not supposed to be." Don't tell her otherwise, k?
The last picture is the silhouette Em did of her lovely mother. :)