Monday, September 30, 2013

30 day dress challenge.....The END and A Giveaway!

30 days. 30 dresses. It is over. My pasty whites can now be hidden again!

Some thoughts and confessions:

- I have already mentioned that putting on a dress calls out for a little more in the hair and makeup department but it is also worth mentioning that it influences the way you act and present yourself also. For example, even while wearing a dress here at home, I still found myself crossing my legs at the table and just feeling a little more poised and proper. 

-There are just somethings that call for pants and I need to confess that in all actuality, I failed this challenge. While I wore a dress every day of the 30 days, I did not always wear it the full 16 or so hours. Volunteering at Pre-k or even apple picking can pose a real challenge while in a dress so I hung my head in shame and put on jeans for those events. And if I am being all out honest here, there were days where I put my pajamas on at 6:00 because I was tired of being "dressed" up. So, I forfeit my prize. I was getting a prize, right? Surely one of you was going to give me something??  :)

Day 28 - Super casual

Day 29

Day 30

One great thing about wearing 30 different dresses was figuring out what I still loved and what didn't work for me so well. A few of the dresses were uber-short for a 36 year old lady and some of them had sat in my closet for quite a while unworn. So, I have decided to do a little giveaway. All of the dresses below are in fantastic condition. I have noted the brand name and the size below each dress. I am giving away all of them so if you love one of them or three of them, leave me a comment telling me which ones you would like to have. I will leave this open until Friday, October 4th and notify the winners then.

Spiegel Size Small
Will fit size 6-8 

Imaginary Voyage, Size Large
Will fit size 8/10

American Eagle Size 8 

Francesca's Size Med

XXI size Small
Will fit size 4/6

The Limited Size 6
Will fit larger