Sunday, September 8, 2013

Re-claimed, Re-loved, Re-used Sunday

I avoided going to any yard sales during those super hot weekends of August so the cool down this past weekend was wonderful. Perfect time of year for going to yard sales and flea markets :)

1. Small bedside table for $5.00 at a large Morton building sale in Chapin.
2. More craft and scrapbooking supplies. Scrapbooking must be on its way out because I find stuff for sale at almost every yard sale I go to.
3. Tie Dye Kit - I am saving this for next summer. We are planning a large family camp-out and this would make a perfect craft for the kids to do :)

 So, I am curious as to what your biggest second-hand score was? I have got to say that mine was probably an unopened "chest" of the complete set of hard-bound Harry Potter books. I saw this for sale at Barnes and Noble for over $100.00 and I paid a whopping $7.00 for mine. There was no price on it so when I asked the lady how much and she said "Ummm, $7.00??" and my jaw dropped and I started drooling and caressing the chest and steadily walked backwards away from her, she realized that she had priced it way too low. Maybe it had been a gift and she didn't know the value? Maybe she hated Harry (THE NERVE!)? Whatever the case, I threw down the money and ran before she could say "I meant seven....ty!!!"
It sits unopened in a place of honor on my bookshelf until the day that Emerson can read them and fall in love, like I did.