Friday, September 6, 2013

Out and About Winery Style

Last weekend we met up with some dear friends so they could introduce us to some wineries in their area. We visited three, all with completely different vibes.

The first, Wooden Nickel Winery and Saloon won decor-wise (in my opinion). They had that eclectic look down pat and I felt at ease. There were a couple of questionably high dudes belting out some tunes and by glass number 2 I was already wanting to request some songs.

Wooden Nickel Winery and Saloon
3225 County Road 1750 N  Litchfield, IL 62056
(217) 324-4446

Stop #2 won for best outside area. The place was beautiful!! We would have stayed outside on the deck and watched the neighboring bachelorette party all evening but it rained a bit so we moved inside. Jake and I shared a pretty good pizza and Sarah had a shrimp po'boy. For the life of me, I cannot remember what Ty ordered.....probably something beefy. 

Copper Dock Winery498 700 N  Pocahontas, IL 62275(618) 669-2675

Our final stop was Forsee Vineyards. We arrived about an hour before closing and there was still a large crowd of people milling about. A band was playing in the back and I entertained myself by watching the peeps dance. I never get tired of watching people dance.

Forsee Vineyards
18165 N 4th Ave  Coffeen, IL 62017
(217) 534-6347

We had an amazing time and I cannot wait to do it again!
Has anyone visited any of these places?