Monday, September 9, 2013

Facebook for Children

Ha! Not what you think! I am talking about a much cooler Face book :)

1. Find an old notebook with at least 10 sheets or more still inside.

2. Cut the paper into three identical strips, leaving it attached to the spiral. My paper had lines so I counted all of them and then divided by three.

3. Cut the remaining paper in the notebook.

4. Grab some old magazines.

5. Skim through the magazines and find pictures of faces. I found that the larger the face the better. Some of those Covergirl and Skin Care ads have huge faces that are perfect. Get wacky and cut out animal noses or Googly eyes, whatever catches your fancy.

6. Start cutting away and when you are finished put the eyes, nose, and mouths into separate piles for easy grabbing.

7 -8-9 Grab a glue stick or some tape and place eyes in the first box, noses in the second, and mouths in the last. Or get weird and do it how you want :)

Now you have a book of face parts and you can make all these different combinations of wacky people. Emerson played with this book for quite a long time today and now wants to make one with different animal parts. 

AND this Facebook is drama-free!!